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Buttweld Fitting

Our buttweld fittings includes extended radius elbow, eccentric reducer, tees, concentric reducer and so on. Butt weld carbon steel and stainless steel fittings are a critical segment of modern industrial tubing system to alter direction, mechanically join or branch off instruments to the system. Offered fittings are sold in ostensible pipe lengths with indicated pipe schedule.

Steel Outlets

Steel Outlets are minor components that are deployed in machined. But our steel outlets are crucial for machine’s maximum performance, safety and longevity. Primarily, these are employed for assembling piping as well as ducting systems. They endure elevated pressure and abrasion to complete any complex task with machine’s insurance.

Bending Pipes

Bends are parts of piping system as they are deployed like a pipe where straight pipes cannot be installed. Therefore, our bending pipes are suitably made with welded seam shaved or smoothed. The bends are truly safe from wrinkles and come with zero start-up bulges in any operation.

Forged Pipe Fittings

Not always, customers realize the true importance of effective piping system. Many times, they encounter non-durables and leaked pipe fitting. Yet, same is not the instance with our forged pipe fittings. They are completely composed of caliber metal such as steel, nickel, etc. and material. In addition, they are simple to assemble with pipe lines, hence, customers can themselves install our fittings.

Welded Fittings

As our welded fittings name suggest our fittings does not possess teeth or threads for simple fitting in any pipe or tube line. Our fittings are implied to be soldered when require to assemble in any piping system of any commercial as well as residential area. These resist high flow pressure, abrasion, corrosion and all other factors that can simply affect any other fittings apart from ours.

Steel Flanges

Each offered flange is composed through caliber stainless steel. Provided stainless steel flanges find application for wider projects such as petrochemical and waterworks applications. The flanges are offered in numerous diameters, lengths and shapes. Holes are made in every flange to provide ease in installation. Our flanges ensure elevated weight and still retain their strength.

Monel Fittings

Our monel fittings endure the most extreme industrial and marine corrosion surroundings. Each monel is composed with metal and metal alloy that is greatly safe from corrosion. All fittings have a solitary notch on hex for simple recognizable proof. These have high corrosion impedance than stainless steel fittings. They also withstand outrageous temperatures extending from below zero to 700°F.

Tubes & Tube Fittings

Importance of tubes in most industrial and residential areas is higher than any different material. Our tubes and tube fittings are effective combination available at single store is greatly accepted by the customers. Different tube shapes are composed through caliber material and they are offer with appropriate tube fittings for simple assembling.

Steel Pipes & Pipe Fittings

Pipes! when customers require any cylindrical shape material, they consistently avail our pipes and pipe fittings for their specific applications and demands. Our pipes come in numerous shapes in which each shape has its own measurements in terms of length and diameter. Offered fittings can easily be employed with our pipes as well as with different brands and measurements of pipes.

Inconel Flanges

Ferrule sort fittings are accurately composed from Inconel material. Whereas, our inconel flanges are provided for elevated end industrial plumbing applications. Complying with different caliber standards, our flanges are available in different profiles. Our flanges encompass features such as excellent fatigue strength, thermal resistance, stress rust cracking impedance and more.

Hastelloy Flanges

For any corrosive surroundings, our hastelloy flanges have superb corrosion impedance to oxidizing as well as minimizing environments. They are accurately suited for sulfuric and hydrochloric acid surroundings. In addition, these have solid resistance to stress rust cracking and they offer great mechanical features at high temperatures. Offered flanges are deployed in chemical processing usages where acetic, wet chlorine gas, phosphoric acid are deployed.

Nickel Flanges

Our nickel flanges have application in mining, oil platforms, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and more machines. The flanges are evident to be extremely safe to solvent non-oxidizing acids, salts, organic compounds, water, brine, seawater, etc. Because of elevated impedance towards marine organisms, for example, barnacles, our flanges are manly employed for seawater pipping system.

Alloy Steel Pipe & Tubes

Steel comes in different varieties and each variant has its own astonishing features. Now, pipes and tubes are accessible in numerous grades at different prices. However, our alloy steel pipes and tubes are really solid in nature and offer dependable operations in any critical conditions. Distinctive shapes and lengths are provided for any usage by the customer.

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